Part 2 - Finding the right Serial Cable (DB9 to IDC10)

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Part 2 - Finding the right Serial Cable (DB9 to IDC10)

Postby plusminus » Thu May 15, 2008 12:05 pm

[align=center]Part 2 - Finding the right Serial Cable (DB9 to IDC10)[/align]

the first thing to do is to find a proper DB9 to IDC10 'cable', where as the official page (at my time) provided only very little (just an image) of the cable to be used. Being in contact with one of the designers of the ZoomMDK (via extremely kind person) we could figure out the PinOuts of the cable:
[align=center]Image....... Image
..DB-9......... IDC-10
Pin 1 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 1
Pin 2 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 3
Pin 3 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 5
Pin 4 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 7
Pin 5 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 9
Pin 6 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 2
Pin 7 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 4
Pin 8 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 6
Pin 9 ........ :arrow: ........ Pin 8

Such a cable can be soldered on ones own, but places one can buy such a cable are i.e.:

This is what the cable actually looks like:
[align=center]Click to enlarge...
Image Image Image[/align]

It turns out, that in the end only RXD, TXD, GND & DCD are needed to at least establish a terminal connection via RS-232:
[align=center]Click to enlarge...

Note: Somewhere in the half-official documentation you'll find that you need a Null-Modem-Cable. This is wrong. We had no single success using just a Null-Modem cable, instead we used the following simple :) setup :darrow: :

[align=center]Click each image-part for details to enlarge...!
Image Image Image Image Image [/align]
We are pretty sure, that this setup could be simplified ;)

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Re: Part 2 - Finding the right Serial Cable (DB9 to IDC10)

Postby lucy24 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:21 am

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