why signing, unknown sources and how to sign

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why signing, unknown sources and how to sign

Postby perik » Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:17 pm


I exported my processing sketch as a app. But are a bit confused with the signing

Heres what I did (and maybe tutorial for others):
1) In processing: File -> Export Android Project
2) In Eclipse: File -> New -> Android -> Android Project from Existing Code
3) select the project you exported from Processing (Root Directory) in the wizard
4) doubleclick AndroidManifest.xml in the Package Explorer and change android:debuggable="true" to android:debuggable="false"
5) mark the project in the Package Explorer
6) FIle -> Export -> Android -> Export Android Application
7) Create new Keystore and set location for export and choose password
8) enter the key creation
9) select the destination for the .apk and export

Now I have created a .apk file

My questions:
1) Is my app signed? And how do I know that?
2) Whats the point of signing? Is it possible to install without signing?
3) I need to tick the checkbox in my phone for allow Unknown Source to install?
4) And since the answer is Yes for the above question. Do I have to do this even though the app is signed?

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