What is the best tool for me to convert MTS to home dvd play

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What is the best tool for me to convert MTS to home dvd play

Postby markwonng » Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:38 am

"How do i play MTS files and how to put them to DVD? I have a panasonic digital camera and when i take videos (they are in HD) they come out in this MTS format.

How do i play them?And more importantly how can i put them on to a dvd to watch?"

"How to directly burn a DVD from canon camcorder vixia HF200 for videos? The videos shot on the canon camcorder are AVCHD format and MTS files. I tried copying to my computer and then burn a DVD but does not work."

"MTS to DVD format conversion ? i wanted to burn .mts to dvd....but any form of conversion mpeg2 / .avi / anything....when played it seems like its in slow motion. any idea why its this way? and how i can just burn it to dvd, my player doesnt play .mts files."

Like the user stated above, you may want to know the easiest way to burn camera or camcorder recorded .MTS to DVD disc for backup or sharing with others, it is complicated to use DVD professional burning software like ImgBurn or Nero, and they usually store your AVCHD videos project as a data one. (Simply copy them to the new project and burn them directly like you'd write out some files.), in this case, you may not put these DVD discs in DVD player for playback. You must convert MTS to DVD as a playable one.

Some Advantages of Converting MTS video to DVD

1. Convert MTS to DVD, you are enabled to play AVCHD video on most of Blu-ray Disc Players and PS3s.

2. DVD disc is familiar to us, thus considered user-friendly. Besides, recordable DVDs are cheap ($10 for each).

3. Convert MTS to DVD, which can be used as immediate backup media, and stored separately.

4. You can easily carry MTS DVD Disc along, and playback it in house, go on a trip, even stay in car.

5. Convert Wedding and party MTS recordings to DVD, send it to family and friends for sharing funny time.

Note: This DVD Creator can not only convert .MTS to DVD, but also can burn all other popular videos to DVD without losing video quality, video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, VOB, etc. are all supported. Get the MTS to DVD burner now and enjoy any video on your home DVD player!

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