Triggering dynamically a NUMERIC keyboard.

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Triggering dynamically a NUMERIC keyboard.

Postby lobo » Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:45 pm


Currently, Im porting a J2ME app to the Android platform. Ive already
done this process, though some bugs need to be fixed. Lately, Ive been
struggling to solve an issue related with the Android's virtual

My app launches a screen, together with a virtual QUERTY keyboard,
requesting the user to insert a numeric string in a text field. It is
preferable however enabling a NUMERIC keyboard instead of a QUERTY
one. Thus, I would like to know if there's any way to programmatically
provide a NUMERIC keyboard to the user, disregarding at the same time
any existent EditText components.

Note that i want to avoid the use of expressions related to EditText

The goal here is reaching the same result as for
editTextBox.setInputType(TYPE_CLASS_NUMBER), avoiding the use of
TextBox components.

Ive tried using with no success:

- Configuration class with the KEYBOARD_12KEY constant;
- The InputMethodManager class;
- The InputMethodService and EditorInfo class (EditorInfo.inputType)

Sorry for the size of this message.
Thanks in advance for all :-)

Ricardo Lobo
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