transfer mov to avi format for mac users

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transfer mov to avi format for mac users

Postby markwonng » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:23 pm

"well i made a movie and i want to convert mov to avi but it never works right ive used rad tools and .mov to .avi wtf do i do!"

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mxf converter for mac

"I'm very frustrated about the lack of information on transcoding files out there...

Anyway, I have some footage of unknown origin that a client is trying to use on his PC system, and he believes it was created on a Mac (FCP, probably). Sorry about the lack of details, but this is what I was given.

He wants the files coverted to AVI files for his PC setup. I'm guess the problem is in the codec not the quicktime wrapper. So I just want to transcode the files, not compress them. Is this something Media Encoder is used for? "

Mac MOV to AVI Converter not only can convert MOV to AVI, but also have powerful video edit functions of cropping, trimming, and watermarking video, etc. After the MOV to AVI for Mac conversion, you will find the conversion speed is fast and the output quality is excellent, so you can enjoy your AVI video file made from MOV file on your computer.

"I want to change a video file from mov to avi. I don't want to reencode the video and audio and consequently lose quality. All I want to do is change the container. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks.

By the way, don't know if it matters but the video is in DivX and the audio is in mp3."

1. Load MOV files into the converting program for being converted

Search for a single MOV file into the converting shareware Input file section by upper Browse button or you can select multiple MOV files with the file extension of .mov and add them using +.

2. Check the right target file and profile before starting to convert MOV to AVI for mac.

AVI and Video: H.264/AVC - 1150 kbps; Audio: MP3 - 192 kbps are set as the output format and profile for converting MOV to AVI. Or you can also click Edit button to manually set and change the output frame size, bit rate, audio format, video compression and other profile parameters.

3. Complete the transforming from MOV to AVI by clicking the large convert button.
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