Touches not recognized after calling startActivityForResult

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Touches not recognized after calling startActivityForResult

Postby murmeister » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:37 pm


I've looked around as much as I can to see if anyone else has posted something like this. Either my keywords are not effective or I've got a weird one. (Maybe both).

Simply put, without posting a bunch of code right up front, I have a custom view that occupies about 90% of the screen and captures the onTouch event for UI processing. When I first run the program, all is well. I can reinitialize the UI to its default state and the touches continue to work.

When I load a new Intent (for preferences), upon return, the touches no longer work! I've taken out all logic associated with reseting preferences and I've even called my reinitialize routine to see if I could get it jump started. Nothing makes a difference. Just the fact of going to a new intent and back causes the screen to no longer respond.

The menu buttons work so I can exit or even call the preferences intent again.

I've looked at a bunch of sample code that uses startActivityForResult and I'm not doing anything obviously different. If someone can point me in a general direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Strangely enough, I copied my preference logic from another program I have (that works) but it doesn't use the custom control. Therefore, I must presume there is something that my control is not handling properly - but what could that be? It works great upon first loading the program. Only after changing intents does it break.

Any ideas?
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