Titleist Wedges Keeps The Ball On The Face For Longer

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Titleist Wedges Keeps The Ball On The Face For Longer

Postby kangmake » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:57 pm

I recently purchased the equipments of Titleist. I had read some reviews online that guided me to try the club out. I think they are great, how about you?

A recreational golfer doesn’t get to play all the posh golf courses with caddies and non-governor-regulated carts. Below you will find the gaunt let I put this titleist wedges through over a two week span. I have walked three rounds with the club in the bag and only have one small ding near the hosel.

When it comes to choosing a wedge, the titleist wedges 2012 is at or near the top of most golfers list. Over the years the Vokey has been a tried and trusted short game weapon for many who love it’s classic look, performance and feel.

With so much of your game taking place within 120 yards of the flag, the choice of your wedge should take at least the same, if not more precedence as the flashier driver and irons buying decisions. That’s right, your wedge and a good wedge shot is critical to keeping your number of putts down. Skimping on the titleist wedges for sale is like buying a great car but neglecting to put decent tires on it.

Rory Mcilroy putter is a titleist putters prototype, which is a classic Anser-style blade. However, his putter is 33 inches long, which is shorter than the so-called standard 35- and 34-inch putters that are predominant in retail outlets.

For the professionals, there is no such thing as a “standard” putter, because they can’t afford to be careless about how their putter fits. Stay tuned. For more information on how you can take some simple steps for a better fit and better results on the titleist putters for sale.

Now, how do you think of the equipments of the titleist? Maybe you need to know more about this brand.
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Re: Titleist Wedges Keeps The Ball On The Face For Longer

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:42 am

There is golf boasts a "racy" lime green color swath on the club head and shaft. The golf is a classic looking but forgiving club with solid feel and accuracy that will attract attention from players of all abilities. That's the g20 line.

The ping g20 driver is 2-grams heavier than the G15, but feels lighter when you swing the club. This is because the balance point is located in a different place in the shaft. Since it does feel lighter, it feels like you generate more club head speed, but, when swinging the club it generates about the same speed as you had before.

The ping g20 irons are one of the best golf clubs made to make the game smooth and easy. The game is not only made smooth but PING makes sure that the game standards are improved and no room is given to errors. When it comes to error free and smooth game with improvement, there is no other company that comes to mind other than PING.

Comparing ping rapture v2 irons with G10 irons released before, it seems that most golfers prefer to irons with longer hitting distance. But this is not the fact. With the increased hitting distance, there appears another problem for golfers.

No expense has been spared in the production of the ping rapture v2 driver. The 460 cc head has been manufactured out of titanium and tungsten, while external tungsten weight pads help make it more forgiving and lower the spin rate (which is a good thing!).
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