Tips on how to burn F4V to DVD?

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Tips on how to burn F4V to DVD?

Postby strong1234 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:46 am

Flash Movie continues to be accepted as being the default online video file format by a lot of sites. And also F4V as one of them is liked by websites include YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, Reuters as well as all kinds of other media providers. The actual F4V video is indeed High-definition FLV video encoded along with H. 264 video codec and thus combine interactive, rich content material with video clip, images and animation. Being a designed movie format through FLV, F4V ships with better quality than its predecessor and are gradually employed by large quantity of users.

Every time when I scan the internet, I'll be interested in plenty of breathtaking videos in F4V file format. As I am such a big video supporter that I often download on -line High-definition FLV videos for selection and off-line playback. However since the improving number of F4V movies gradually take up my PC storage area. I would prefer to burn F4V to DVD so that I am able to freely enjoy all of them on my DVD players as well as concurrently minimize harddrive area.

Regarding burning F4V to DVD, I might firstly resort to a sensible F4V to DVD Converter that can really fulfill my needs to burn F4V to DVD. After searching important software programs on-line for a long time, I consider that a trustworthy DVD transforming tool must combine following features.

1. Burn video to DVD, ISO image in good quality with out any kind of technical hassles.
2. Burn plain 2D video to vivid three dimensional DVD for life-like DVD enjoyment.
3. Rich DVD menu web templates for simple DVD creating and amazing ways for Do-it-yourself menu design.
4. Amazing video to DVD effect croping and editing functions.
5. Explicit user interface and multiple transformation ability.

These above five features are the inside functions which a very good F4V to DVD Converter must conclude. Folks who do not possess a crystal clear image on looking for a DVD transforming tool can have a reference.
Next I am going to talk about how to burn F4V to DVD in a simple way.

Firstly, directly pull the actual original F4V videos directly into the program.

Secondly, cut, crop, effect or watermark the actual source F4V videos through Edit icon.

Thirdly you possibly can select a built-in menu design template in the right menu templates selection part or do your unique DIY menu web template through Design Menu.

Moreover, click Burn to DVD button to go into Burning Setting section, there you are ready to select output location, relabel volume label, and opt for burn to ISO files or DVD

folder. Television standard are chosen based on your region.

Lastly, click Burn Now to start the F4V to DVD burning process.

The transformation pace is relied on your distinctive quantity of burning videos. After that, you possibly can entirely enjoy the output DVD movies on your house DVD players.
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