There’s something indecorous about laying into Under the

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There’s something indecorous about laying into Under the

Postby Ever47 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:03 pm

There’s something indecorous about laying into Under the Dome. For a start, it’s too easy (titling an episode ‘Thicker Than…’ is just asking for it). Secondly, if I wasn’t writing about it for this site, I’d have switched off by now. Only sticking around to take swipes at something I’m fairly sure will piss me off each week really isn’t cricket, especially as everyone who agrees with me me will have skedaddled long ago, leaving only a robust ten million fans to shout me down in the comments.

You have to hand it to Under the Dome’s writers, they’re seven weeks in and showing no shortage of ‘resolvable within fifty minute’ plot points. Whichever enchanted hat they’re pulling each week’s consequence-free adventure out of was worth the magic beans they traded for it. Personally, I’d have saved the ‘imminent childbirth’ card to play nearer Christmas for maximum Silent Night montage-ability, but each to their own.

After last week’s upturn, Imperfect Circles was a frustrating combination of mawkishness and actual progress. People died, a kid was born, and we discovered the source of Chester’s Mill’s woes was a tiny green egg. As revelations go, the latter was an abstract but not unintriguing one.

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