The Unforgettable Line Of TaylorMade Golf Balls

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The Unforgettable Line Of TaylorMade Golf Balls

Postby aryasking » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:18 am

In 2012, TaylorMade-Adidas made a huge splash with the introduction of the Rocketballz (RBZ) line of clubs, and also the introduction of the upgrade of the successful R11 driver, with the new R11S. However, TaylorMade did not forget about its’line of golf balls.

The taylormade golf balls have upgraded their five-layer Penta TP ball the company introduced two years ago. The big difference with this version, called Penta TP5, is a softer core that has 28-percent lower compression, and is designed to produce lower driver spin for more distance and softer feel. The TP5 has Progressive Velocity Technology, that supposedly ‘activates,’ each layer, regardless of swing speed. Looking at both golf balls, you do not notice too much difference in the design or layout of the dimple pattern, or the feel of the cover. The TP5 dimple pattern seems to be a little tighter.

The TP5 is well-designed, great tour caliber at taylormade golf balls australia. However, the distance gain was negligible at best and we would either buy 2010 Penta TPs, or go with the new TP3, as you will still get Penta-like feel & performance, without paying more.

We talked extensively with Dean Snell, Product Developer for taylormade golf balls 2012, and it’s clear that TM’s 2012 line-up clearly covers more golfers across the handicap & swing spectrum than in previous years, with a main difference in the 2012 TP5 versus the 2010 Penta, being the lower compression ‘platform’ to get the golf ball to feel softer, without sacrificing distance.

There are many misconceptions out there about the amount of taylormade golf balls fitting compression, with many players thinking that a lower compression ball will not travel as far. Lower compression is not a factor in overall distance, but serves mainly as a factor in the player’s perception of the softness of the golf ball at impact. If you compare the compression of the Titleist ProV1, which has a compression around 97, with the TP5, which has a much lower compression, which is probably around 80, you will notice the softness factor particularly on shots with the driver & long irons.

We did find the TP5 to have a high softness factor using long irons and driver, without a loss in distance. The ball flight on tee shots was penetrating, but produced more side-spin than we were expecting. The main problem high-handicap players have when playing a ‘tour-caliber’ golf ball is the production of too much side-spin. And also the taylormade golf balls cheap is available here.

Waiting for your coing toward the balls.
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