The Ping G10 Irons Give You A Bit Of Added Spin And Control

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The Ping G10 Irons Give You A Bit Of Added Spin And Control

Postby kangmake » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:17 am

Ping's new game improvement irons employ a new cavity design to increase the performance of the large-headed forgiving irons.

While the ping g10 irons are primarily game-improvement irons, the i10 irons look to be a step up for players who prefer a more blade-style club that still has the forgiveness of a cavity back. The new, smaller cavity design was engineered to create a solid feel across the club face.

After a short winter lay off I'm back playing again and the ping g10 irons for sale are serving me as well as they did last November. Like the G10 irons, the i10s contain a Custom Tuning Port which stabilizes the face, increasing the clubs consistency. From the first time out with the G-10s it was gone. For that alone they were worth buying, but I hit them farther too which was a big surprise for I went back to the heavier steel shafts from graphite with the Slingshots.

They are similar in looks to the i10 irons from Ping, and come in graphite and steel shafts. At address the face on the ping g10 irons black dot looks very large, and thus inspires a lot of confidence. The larger head and face means that even the longer irons should be fairly easy to get airborne for most players.

If you don't like a huge sole, go with the Ping g10 irons as the Ping G15 have an even larger one. After I hit about 10 balls with each iron of the Ping G10, I was very very very amazed with the improvement in direction, distance.

You have to really miss-hit a shot badly to get a bad pull or push with the a g10 irons for sale. They definitely weren't as long as a lot of other game improving irons on the market. Even on harder greens the shorter irons can bring the golf ball to a stop very quickly upon landing.

In a word, the G10s would be a good choice to try if you're looking for your first set of irons, they do make the game of golf easier.
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Re: The Ping G10 Irons Give You A Bit Of Added Spin And Cont

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:47 am

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