The Cause and Solution of printer can not print

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The Cause and Solution of printer can not print

Postby kaikaixinxin » Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:03 am


First, the printer is not in the online printer can not print

On most printers, "OnLine" button next to have an indication of online small lights, under normal circumstances should the online indicator is in a steady state. If the LED is not lit or is flashing, abnormal online. Please check the printer power is turned on, the printer's power switch is turned on, the printer cable is properly connected.

Second, re-open the printer

If the online indicator normal online, turn off the printer, and then turn and try to print the document again. This operation to clear the print document data stored in the printer's memory and can solve many problems, but sometimes this approach will lead to the printout of confusion, the need to restart the system before normal printing.

Third, the printer is set as the default printer

The steps are as follows:

1 Click the Windows "Start" menu, point to Settings, click the "printer" to open the "Printers" window.

2 Right-click the printer icon, system pops up the quick menu, and click "Set as Default.

If not currently use the printer in the "Printers" window, double-click the Add Printer icon, then follow the prompts to install the printer.

The printer is pause printing status lead to not print

Methods: In the Printers window, right-click in the use of the printer icon, and then click to clear the "pause printing" option before the mark "√".

, Disk free space is less than 10MB cause the printer can not print

If the available hard disk space is less than 10MB (usually the C drive), you must free up more space in order to complete the print job. Then, click the "Disk Cleanup" button, and then you want to delete the file list box, select the type of file you want to delete, click the "OK" button.

Sixth, increase the timeout setting of the printer

Check or change the timeout settings, follow these steps:

In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties.

2 Click the "detailed information" tab, under the "timeout" to increase various timeout settings. "Not selected" items are specified Windows wait for the printer to enter online time, after more than a specified time, it will display an error message.

Local printer port settings are not correct lead printer can not print

The steps are as follows:

In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties.

Click the "detailed information" tab in the "Print to the following port box, to make sure the printer is set to the appropriate port. The most commonly used port is set to "LPT1", a printer using the USB port.

The output generated by the program is not correct cause can not print

The program generates the output to determine whether the correct method validation can be adopted by other programs to print a document. New Notepad file, type a few lines of text, and then click the "Print" command in the "File" menu, if able to print a test document, is the program that you use to print, please re-install the program.

IX printer driver caused damage to the printer can not print

Sometimes, the printer driver may be damaged, causing the error can not print a document. We are able to re-install the appropriate driver, and then print.

1 in the "Printers" window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Remove, and then click "Yes" button. If prompted to "delete this printer special file, click the" Yes "button. If you are prompted to delete the default printer, and click the "OK" button.

In the "Printers" window, double-click the Add Printer icon to open the Add Printer Wizard, click the "Next" button, and then the implementation of the on-screen instructions.

10, BIOS printer port is set to close the lead to not print

The BIOS printer port should be set to "Enable", pay attention to the early Some printers do not support ECP type printing port signal, and then try printing port should be set as "Normal", "SPP", "ECP + EPP" way.

XI. System the virus cause the printer can not print

Check for the presence of the virus, antivirus software antivirus try.

12, the port, the printer cable problems cause the printer can not print

1. Printer cable to connect it securely connected computer and printer cable ends are inserted securely plugged to ensure that if the computer is indirectly connected to the printer. If you use the Print switching equipment, please switch to bypass the device, printer indirectly connected to a computer, and then try to print.

Test port to connect the printer to connect to another available port retry to print a document, If you can print it indicates that the damage to the original port.

Test the printer cable to put on another printer cable, and then try again to print the document, If you can print it indicates that the original cable is damaged.

The printer can not print the printer most common failure, under normal circumstances, the above method can solve the problem, zh fruit can not be solved, it is recommended to a professional printer repair agencies repair.

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