The Big Gathering Of PING Golf Clubs

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The Big Gathering Of PING Golf Clubs

Postby tommack » Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:53 pm

By expanding the height of the face and elongating clubhead dimensions, Ping has enlarged the sweet spot on the clubface and provided a very hot face, providing tremendous ball velocity regardless of player skill level.

The bottom of the ping g20 driver, however, has a littie bit too much of a spaceship look too it. It has a futuristic feel with the patterns moving towards the back of the club in a stylish pattern that you could visualize as an explosion of shapes and (limited) color.

The most telling characteristic of the ping g20 fairway wood was, again, the propensity for the club to produce right-to-left ballflights. Maybe it was just us that day, but most of our shots flew with a draw.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons belongs to maximize the performance level of iron in one of the best products; ping rapture v2 irons is a kind of long irons that easier to hit, almost like a hybrid rod; shots feel smooth; excellent stability; the green edge of the wedge in the short game very useful; a number of evaluators will consider buying it.

Whoever said that a sequel never lives up to the original hasn't hit the ping rapture v2 driver. This addition - part of Ping's 2009 lineup - to the Ping line of clubs comes on the heels of the company's tremendously successful introduction in Fall 2007 of the G10 and Rapture lines.

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