Taylormade Canada Actually Make And Develop Golf Clubs

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Taylormade Canada Actually Make And Develop Golf Clubs

Postby kangmake » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:12 am

Released to the golf world in late 2011, the TaylorMade irons are generally aimed more at the mid to higher handicap golfer.

The taylormade canada club feature fairly large oversized heads, which are manufactured with TaylorMades Inverted Cone Technology. You can follow this link to the TaylorMade Golf website, which will open in a new window. The clubs do look great, and one of the first things noticed was that the oversized heads actually sit behind the golf ball very well at address.

These taylor made canada irons don't just look the part, they back it up with results. You do still get some feedback from the club that you haven't quite caught the ball right on a miss-hit. The ball flight that the clubs produce despite often being on the high side, is constantly very penetrating and very nice to watch on almost every shot.

The TaylorMade R9 irons are very soft and smooth at impact, it can almost feel like you're hardly hitting a golf ball at all sometimes on the good swings. Thistaylor made products is mainly down to the design, in which TaylorMade have fitted what's called a Velocity Control Chamber behind the clubface in the longer and mid irons, in order to aid performance.

Like the R9 irons from TaylorMade, the R11 irons also feature fairly large oversized heads, intended to give golfers a greater amount of feel and control, in combination with impressive distance. You can follow this link to the taylormade canada golf R11 page on the TaylorMade Golf website, which will open in a new window.

When it got down to hitting the TaylorMade R11s, it was very difficult to not be impressed with the very impressive performance. The taylormade irons are very easy to hit and also have a really lovely, light weight to them. The trajectory, particularly with the mid to longer irons, is quite penetrating and never really too high or too low.

Overall the TaylorMade R11 Irons are a very, very impressive set of golf clubs. In terms of value for money, the R11s are quite pricey just now in 2012.
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Re: Taylormade Canada Actually Make And Develop Golf Clubs

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:45 am

Are you looking for new Ping golf clubs for 2013? This article may give you some hints. It's about new g20 irons.

The ping g20 irons replace the G15 irons and the 10% thinner face is the same size as the previous model, which enables Ping to move the weight saved into the sole of the club. This past week Ping released their latest version of their successful G series with the G20 line of drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.

The thinner face of the ping g20 irons for sale helps position weight to the toe for added forgiveness. Strong lofts and a low center of gravity produce long shots with a high trajectory and maximum forgiveness. The cavity of these irons features a very similar look to the G15's but with a new soft layer on the back to help with sound, feel and vibrations.

The ping g20 irons australia is for all ability levels, the external weighting of the large, forgiving G20 driver helps launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy. The G20 launches the ball 75 degrees higher and with 200 less rpm than the G15.
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