TabHost in TabHost (deliverKeyEvent exception)

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TabHost in TabHost (deliverKeyEvent exception)

Postby dragoff » Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:58 pm

Good day, community.

Context of previous problem.
I have one problem:
I create main TabActivity with external TabHost which consists of 3 tab activities. 1st and 3rd is a simple activities. 2nd is also internal TabActivity with only one tab. This tab contains one control button. When I try switch from this tab to any tabs of external main TabHost (manually by clicking on TabWidget or programmatic by button clicking with API function setcurrentTab(3)) then switched tab controls lost focus and any controls aren't editable. If I switch only 1st and 3rd tabs and didn't enter to the 2nd, I can edit both EditTexts in this tabs. When I click to the second tab, factory creates content for the second tab view with internal TabHost and now, any attempt to edit EditText in 1st or 3rd shifts focus from EditText to the Buttons (actually to the first control in activity). I know that I miss something, but I didn't understand what exactly wrong.

Now, this problem was reduced to another one.
I have one TabActivity with 2 tab items. 1st activity contains EditText, 2nd, in turn, contains another TabActivity.

  • Run application.
  • Edit EditText in the first tab - normal.
  • Switch tab to the second - normal.
  • Go back to the first - normal.
  • Edit EditText - abnormal. Throws an Exception in ViewRoot deliverKeyEvent.

Code sample.
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