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Sync Scroll....

Postby tbennett » Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:20 am

I have 2 Gallery views in a layout tied to the same adapter, is there a way to sync their scrolling? What I'm looking for is when I scroll GalleryA, GalleryB scrolls by the same amount. I tried setting OnTouchListeners, but it seems like the selectedItem doesn't get updated propery with this method, as after you scroll a certain amount it doesn't retrieve ImageViews from the adapters getView method anymore, and you just get a blank space where the image should be. I also tried extending the Gallery class and overriding the onScroll method, but it won't even let me cast from the layout.xml's Gallery to my extended class. I'm going to try adding the Gallery's in code (vs. in a layout.xml), but was hoping there was something more obvious that I was overlooking.

Thanks in advance.
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