Sync files to Galaxy Tab via Samsung Kies

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Sync files to Galaxy Tab via Samsung Kies

Postby AbbyCarrie11 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:56 pm

Despite its stupid name, Kies is Samsung’s desktop utility for getting various types of media – games, music, videos, podcasts etc – onto your Galaxy device (smartphone or tablet) from your computer. In technical talk, it’s multimedia management software providing easy data backup and convenient purchase features so equivalent to Apple’s iTunes for iPhone and Sony’s Media Manager for PSP. Kies now is available for both PC and Mac. The below guide is for Mac users to sync Music, Videos and Photos to Samsung Galaxy Tab. By the way, the latest version of Kies for Mac works with OS X Mavericks/ OS X 10.9 and OS X Mountain Lion/ OS X 10.8.

Download Samsung Kies 2.0 for Mac from here.

Kies supported devices: Galaxy Tab 10.1/8.9/7.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, SII, etc

How to Sync videos, music and pictures to Samsung Galaxy Tab using Kies

1. Connect Samsung Galaxy Tablet with your Mac/iMac/MacBook/Mac BookPro.

2. Install and Run Samsung Kies. The main interface shows you basic information about the tablet.

3. Click “Sync” tab.


4. Movie your mouse down to Multimedia area. Here you can see “Sync music”, “Sync photos”, “Sync videos” and “Sync podcasts”.


5. To sync music to Samsung Galaxy Tab, check “Sync music” box. Then you can sync selected music, playlist or all music in library.


6. In order to sync a local video or song to Samsung Galaxy Tab, you need to add the song/video to Kies library. To do this, you can switch to “Video” tab from the left column, and press “Add music”/ “Add video” and browse to the source file.


Tips and Tricks

1. Movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes store can not be played on Galaxy Tab, because they are copy-protected contents and are compatible with iOS devices and authorized computers only. Galaxy Tab will not play iTunes .m4v videos unless they are hacked. See how to hack iTunes movies.

2. There are videos that can’t be added to Kies because they are not supported by Galaxy Tab. In that way you can use Drorsoft Video Converter for Mac, which converts MKV/AVI/WMV/MPEG/TiVo, etc to Galaxy Tab playable format while downsizing files to meet your need. Kies can also convert videos to fit for your Galaxy Tab device, but in some cases depending on input size, it creates a file larger than 4gig which will not copy onto your Tab.

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