Streamer and on-demand Application architecture

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Streamer and on-demand Application architecture

Postby exospy » Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:43 am

hi all -

I am working on making an app for my internet radio station. the station has a bunch of .mp3 files on a dedicated server. the mp3 files are streamed over shoutcast to create the internet radio streaming capability. there are 5 different genres.

They key thing that I want to gain forum consensus and recommendation from experienced developers is how to approach building the "on-demand" application for my radio. I have several hundred .mp3 files which a user can potentially scroll through and then stream (not download, but stream) the mp3.

I have a dedicated server. Should I create my own server using RMI (remote method invocation) and make an index list of all the mp3s? When the user on the android device choses "on-demand" they will get the index and be able to select their mp3?

Or should I set up a webserver on the dedicated box? this would potentially cause a security issue because people can leech the mp3s directly from a web browser.

What is the best way to design this application so that people cannot leech my .mp3s and be forced to stream?

In the end, the user should be able to either
a. select a genre then search for a mix or scroll through the mixes and play the mp3.
b. without selecting a genre, scroll through the entire list and then select and play the mp3

I am just looking for advice please on the best way to design this.

Thanks a bunch
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