some issues with ExpandableList

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some issues with ExpandableList

Postby gumatias » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:13 pm


I've looked up into some forums and found nothing that deals with the things I wanna implement in my ExpandableList, which are:

1) I want to expand only one item (row) at a time (closes it whenever I want to expand a new item)
2) when I click on the item I want to change the text on it and add an image in that row
3) I need a button inside every item so that it can do a specific task based on its row's data
4) I tried to see if it has a kind of onListItemClick method but there isn't... how can I get the position of the item that was selected?

if you know how to accomplish ANY of these tasks I would really appreciate.

Thanks a lot guys!

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