setChoiceMode(), getSelectedItemPosition() - inconsistent

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setChoiceMode(), getSelectedItemPosition() - inconsistent

Postby gsmd » Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:09 pm

Got an activity that extends ListActivity.
The list is backed up by a custom adapter that extends BaseAdapter.
I do a simple (getSelectedItemPosition() == ==
ListView.INVALID_POSITION) check in onPrepareOptionsMenu() to disable
the items that require an item to be selected.

Now, what I do after launching the activity (the action takes place
under emulator, ver.1.1) an what it looks like:
1) Hit menu - the menu items are disabled - OK
2) Select an item with mouse wheel and hit menu - the items get
enabled - OK
3) Click anywhere outside the list, repeat 2). The items don't get
enabled - WTF?
4) Start from scratch, select an item hitting Del and moving mouse.
The result is the same as for 3).

Why do these (3, 4) things keep happening to me? :)
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