scale animation on a listview item

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scale animation on a listview item

Postby Tinky » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:32 am


I am trying to apply scale animation on a listview, i want the functionality as.. on a button click the list in the listview get filter and the filtered items should disappear with the effect of scale animation, when i apply scale animation in custom adapter's getView(..) method on the views, only the view gets animate but the seperator line in the list view remains at the same place where it was..
but my problem is that i want to decrease the height of the list elements as the animation progresses. Currently the items are scaling, but the gap between them is not decreasing as it is documented that the original height and width of views don't change with animation

Can anyone please provide me a solution to this problem.. my requirement is diminishing the size of list views with animation ?

Thanks in advance
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