resizing FrameLayout on child View content change?

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resizing FrameLayout on child View content change?

Postby danguyf » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:30 pm

The setup: I have a WebView inside a FrameLayout like so:
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  1.                 <FrameLayout android:id="@+id/FrameInfo"
  2.                         android:layout_height="wrap_content"
  3.                         android:layout_width="wrap_content"
  4.                         android:layout_gravity="center"
  5.                 >
  6.                                 <WebView
  7.                                         android:id="@+id/infoview"
  8.                                         android:layout_width="wrap_content"
  9.                                         android:layout_height="wrap_content"
  10.                                         android:scrollHorizontally="false"
  11.                                         android:scrollbarStyle="insideOverlay"
  12.                                 />
  13.                 </FrameLayout>
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I have menu choices which load different html pages into the WebView.

Problem: The FrameLayout will stretch to fit the WebView when a large html file is loaded, but then not shrink back to fit the WebView when a shorter page is displayed in it.

Question: How can I tell the FrameLayout to recalculate its dimensions each time I update the WebView contents?

Thank you.
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