Recently a lot of stars take Michael Kors bags

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Recently a lot of stars take Michael Kors bags

Postby alicesandra » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:31 am

Recently a lot of stars take Michael Kors bags, supermodel Laura Bailey, Pixie Geldof selected the elegant bust knee skirt, olive green color bias, to create a sort of handsome Military style, actress Isabel Lucas dressed a white T-shirt-style knee skirts, demure yet stylish playful sense of decency.

Fashion editor Caroline Issa with Michael Kors bags 2013, socialite Olivia Palermo and fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu in the streets, we deduce some autumn love song, gray, blue or burgundy knee skirt inadvertently expose your charming part of the lower leg, put it will be able to Let you become a star, easily with high heels and ankle boots or high boots, and even ladies styling also mention in the streets. This season Dior with a the retro outline of a return to the line of sight, with the clarity of simple, stylish, more practical. The length just overshadowed knee discounts skirt with waspish style "Bar Jacket" tunic, to create mutual 1950s elegance, reflecting a soft sheen of the leather or silk fabric is also different from the old sense of luxury, while is much more subtle and elegant. Jacobs Women inspiration from two top fashion critic Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, the entire series has nothing to do with the even shaped profile is also very cumbersome, but rich Perris pattern and knee skirt is particularly prominent, wear elegant leather hat, Swarovski crystal buckle shoes, to achieve the perfect balance between fashion and retro. Designers to find a balance between the masculine and the soft also become the theme of this season Loewe. Although the entire series of mainly black, but did not make people feel dull, the designer fabric stitching and color fur mashup originality, just not over the knee skirts women show subtle above in black leather the exquisite ornate openwork carving, belt and fur highlights gorgeous low-key sense.

Michael Kors Outlet took us into the vast Russian steppe, and feel a kind of nomadic style from a foreign country. Nomads of leisure, free mixing a the gentlemanly elegance neutral image is fascinated, cashmere, leather to keep out the cold, upper body wrapped tightly, lower body knee skirt exposing large half legs, designers in the performance of female handsome chic, but also will not forget the details to show women's soft.At any time, you can prepare for themselves an elegant and demure knee skirt, knee skirts in this 1950s not only fit the girly, and to tighten the waist and loose hem create a slender waist and hips. This skirt Slim is very good, and it applies to almost all shapes MM, you can rest assured to wear it out. Complementary color, or choose a neutral color or lace jacket can make you a sense of elegance to upgrade.
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