Pupulate a ListView

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Pupulate a ListView

Postby Risike » Wed May 13, 2009 4:34 pm

Hi everybody !

Sorry for my bad english.

I'm learning Androïd developpement and I woulk like to create a simple file browser. I know how to list files of a directory in Java but I don't know how to populate a ListView with this table of files...

In my main.xml layout, I have a ListView named lvFiles.

In my main class I have a method called UpdateAll which refresh the current folder name in a TextView (it works) an populate the ListView with the name of all files and directories.

I don't understand how to use ListAdapters, even with the sample codes in the SDK folder...

So, how can I populate a ListView with a simple table of strings (String[]) ?

Then, how can I populate a ListView with images and strings ?

Thanks in advance.
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