progress bar not showing progression..

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progress bar not showing progression..

Postby zoalord12 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:35 pm

I am trying to show a progress bar while loading an image.
like activity 1 sends user to activity 2 to select options ... when the user is done selecting activity 1 takes the result and starts loading an image..

I am using the progress bar , setresult , onActivity etc everything perfectly fine..
the thing is that when i get the result back ... the progress bar is not updated while the image is downloading ...

Code :

while ( still to read)
read into buffer.
add to progress bar


It just shows up completely filled when the image is loaded. I WANT IT TO SHOW PROGRESS even when the image has not loaded ...but i dunno y the view shows the progress bar when the image is completely loaded.. but it just shows the complete bar loaded not the progression while loading.

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