problems with displaying images on galaxy ace

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problems with displaying images on galaxy ace

Postby Matth3wnet » Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:36 am

i just programmed my first Android app.
The app gets 3 Img-URIs by an API and let them display in the app with an linear layout.
All pic´s are JPG´s with equal dimensions.

On my Samsung Galaxy S1 everthing works fine, also on the emulator.
Now an acquaintance tried my app on a Samsung Galaxy Ace and he told me that just 2 of 3 images are displayed.
Sometimes it´s the second one, sometimes the third one.

I have absolutly no idea how to debug this problem.
Furthermore i dont have a Samsung Galaxy Ace.
Does someone have any idea how to solve that problem?!

Here´s the Layout XML:
@+id/ImageView(01-03) are the places for the three images
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