problems migrating from m3-rc37a to x86-1.0_r1

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problems migrating from m3-rc37a to x86-1.0_r1

Postby JJ » Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:21 pm

Hi all

I did an application for the android developer challenge, and since
the deadline for uploading the entries (back in april I think), I
haven't played with it

Well, I have downloaded the new sdk (x86-1.0_r1) and obviously I got a
lot of errors with my old code...
I have managed to fix all the compile errors, but now, it crashes when
I run it

The problem is:

- on my xml layout (babel_layout.xml), I used to have the following


- then, on the java file, I have this:

class babelView extends View
public babelView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, Map
super(context, attrs);


- and, in the main class:

public class babel extends Activity

protected void onCreate(Bundle icicle)

// Turn off the title bar

// Make our view


It crashes when it gets to setContentView !!
so, it seems like I am doing something wrong in the xml file, or maybe
the way that babelView is defined...

Any ideas would be really appreciated, and the world will be a much
better place, and I will finish my app and I will uploaded to the
android market so the world can enjoyed it. (he he)

This is my app, by the way (using the old m3-rc37a sdk)

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