Problem with MulitAutoCompleteTextView in Dialog.Theme

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Problem with MulitAutoCompleteTextView in Dialog.Theme

Postby wilken » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:46 am

This is pretty specific, so i doubt anyone has had this exact problem, but any help or pointere would be appreciated.

I have a MulitAutoCompleteTextView in an activity using the Dialog.Theme. When my input matches something, the popup selection list is only about 5 pixels high and does not display any values. The values are there, and i can select them, but this is obviously not good enough.

When i remove the Dialog.Theme and use the default, the list is shown as intended.

I suspect some setting in the Dialog.Theme messes with the list presentation, but i can't seem to find the source of the Dialog.Theme.

So, can anyone help, or point me to the Dialog.Theme xml file, so i can experiment from there?
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