Problem with ListActivity inside tab on 1.6

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Problem with ListActivity inside tab on 1.6

Postby GenesisST » Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:33 am

Hi everyone,

If searched for a few hours now about my issue but can't find anything on it.
My keyword skills are iffy at best, so if this duplicates something already
know, please forgive me (and post the link please :-) ).

I have a 1.5 application which runs fine on a 1.5 device, but move it to
a 1.6 device and I see the following:

1) From a tab with a listactivity, move the hard up arrow until the focus
goes to the tab. (If my selection is not at item 0, then we go up until
we reach the tab)

2) Press the down arrow and item at index 6 gets selected.

When running on 1.5, item at index 0 gets selected, which is the behaviour
I would expect.

I used a OnItemSelectedListener and I do get called with position==6.

Also, on a hunch, I tought that maybe it was because my views didn't
have IDs, so I tried that, but didn't work.

So, before I go implementing some doomed shenanigans using OnFocusChangeListener,
I was wondering (read: hoping) someone would know what is happening.

Thank you for reading through my ramblings!
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Postby GenesisST » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:48 pm

There seems to have been a lot of readers, but no posted, so I thought i'd be nice to follow up with a fix.

It seems that the underlying WebKit (AFAIK) might have issues with multiple WebView. When I read on this, I thought it did not apply, then I remembered the destroy-create process that happens when you re-orient the phone.
I ALWAYS forget that... (I NOW know that control-F12 re-orients the emulator, so no more excuses!)

Anyway, adding the following fixed it:
(Typing from memory so please forgive me any error, but you should
get the gist of it).

public void onDestroy()

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