Problem configuring the app widget with bitmap image

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Problem configuring the app widget with bitmap image

Postby teddy » Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:34 pm


This site is quite useful. Currently facing an issue.
I started with developing the resizable photo widget.
Every time the widget is resized, i am configuring the widget remote
view with the new bitmap image.
I am using the same layout file for all resize dimensions with
fill_parent option for both width and height.

But i am facing issues with this :( . For 4x4 widget size, even if i
configure the remote view with valid bitmap, the image is seen cropped
on the homeScreen. And sometimes the new bitmap which is set to the
remote views will not be seen and instead the old bitmap remains on
the screen.
Is the appwidgetManager discarding the updates????
Is there a constraint on the size of bitmap the remote views can handle?????

Also, from the APP_WIDGET_UPDATE broadcast we can get the new dimensions
of widget in terms of cells.
can anyone tell, how to map the cell values into pixel values(WVGA
screen) ????????

Any kind of help is appreciable!
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