New way for locking usb flash drive on windows

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New way for locking usb flash drive on windows

Postby csdjohnson2 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:52 am

"How to copy protect flashdrive?
I just wanted to know if there was some program that you didn't have to install on both computers to use. So is there one you can use on ONLY that Flashdrive?"

There is no doubt that USB flash drives embodied with incomparable features are the best choice for transferring data from one computer to another. Nowadays USB flash drives are small in size and with a large volume with can carry considerable number of information.

copy protect is a cutting-edge USB protection program that allows you to kakasoft offical, flash drives, pen drives, memory sticks and other storage devices quite easily and quickly. You can kakasoft offical drives with just a single click. It is a cost-effective and reliable program that offers portable encryption as well as locking and hack attempt monitoring features. USB Safe usb security drives in such a way that all kinds of unauthorized access to your sensitive data will be blocked and no one can access your USB drive data without the password that you set while usb security

Step 1 Download the program.
Download USB Security and install it to you computer the first. Please make sure you get the newest version.

Step 2 Select a drive to install.
Open the "USBSecurity.exe" program, and select a drive to lock then install the program in the disk according to the wizard.

Step 3 Set your password to copy protect.
Then click on "Protect" button to copy protect. NOW you will find your files in the USB drive are hidden and there is only an "USBSecurity.exe" program in the disk.

USB Safe offers hassle free USB security to all kinds of portable storage devices, be it USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, jump drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, etc. Since the program does not install any install any kernel or filter drives, you do not require any administrator rights to protect or unprotect your data. You can directly install the program in your flash drive and immediately start using it. Furthermore, you do not have to run the program every time you want to protect or unprotect your USB drive because USB Safe supports auto-play feature. ... html#35961 ... &PID=29224
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