Need intent.ACTION_ANSWER to work

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Need intent.ACTION_ANSWER to work

Postby cprince » Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:34 am

I am working with a research group that is trying to control 100s of cell phones and we need an application that can answer a call (the other features I think can be implemented). A nice to have feature is to end a call, but if the radio is turned off, that can probably suffice to end calls.

Reading the various threads it seems that since 1.0 action answer is not available.

And it looks like some people out there know how to get to the private APIs. ... 66084.html

So please let me know how to do this, you can contact me directly if you want. I understand that this approach is susceptible to breaking, but this is only for testing purposes, so I dont think I care.

I am not sure why the answer call was taken out in the first place.

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