Modifying the dash spacing in the contact number field

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Modifying the dash spacing in the contact number field

Postby andever » Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:28 pm

Hi guys, first post here so hello and nice forum.

My question relates to the dash filter on entering a phone number for a contact in any of the fields.

So you will recognise something like:

Code: Select all
Mobile: 040-404-4040

It would be nice to have it filtered as

Code: Select all
Mobile: 0404-040-040

or possibly extended to be user definable via a gui.

How is this filter applied and can it be changed with the ADT or does it need to be modified further up in the nuts and bolts level of the os?

My guess is it's a regex somewhere in the source tree which would require a whole firmware rebuild and flash. It can't be as difficult as I'm imagining it to be can it?
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