LISTVIEW : reach elements in an item by clicking

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LISTVIEW : reach elements in an item by clicking

Postby XLdu22 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:57 pm

Hello everybody, :)

I wondered if you could give me a piece of advice about a problem I have for one of my app. :?

I have an Image and 2 TextView within each item of a ListView and I'd like to know wether you knew a solution to reach them by clicking for instance.
The only thing I can do today is reaching the item but not one of its element inside by clicking.
The idea is seeing the video or reading the complete text of each article by clicking on it.

I don't know if a ListView is appropriate for this kind of display and if it's not, what to do ?

I'm looking forward to reading your points of view about this topic... and why not a solution ? :D
Thanks in advance. :)
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