listview addFooterView and button onclick

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listview addFooterView and button onclick

Postby sxe » Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:06 pm

Hi all,

the title says it all. ok, not completely :) but most of the problem. :)

I'm using a listview with my own implementation of baseadapter. Before adding the main list items to the listview and setting the Adapter i add a footer, with the listview method addFooterView(), to the listview. The footer is a normal listview item with a custom view and two buttons.

And here comes my problem:

How can i add a onClick() event to this buttons? i tried it in the getView() method from my baseadapter but that does not work. :/

I need these two buttons at the bottom of my listview as back and forward buttons, cause i don't want too much items at once in the listview.

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