Like white clouds blue sky filled with several flower marshm

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Like white clouds blue sky filled with several flower marshm

Postby xiakarens » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:18 am

I are sporting elf
Like white clouds blue sky filled with several flower marshmallows, long hid watching pursuing the competitive sports arena. I like the summer evening, the sun was going down to the playground to go shopping, take the ten ring eight times in his, have been only at night to eat more eat too much and feel uncomfortable, the result was surprised to find the fleshy belly seems also less and less. And sisters, let us put together out of danger they sportswear, sports arena cute little elves!
01 pink pink red vest and gray T-shirt above the letter color formation lovely echoes, had some boring sense of the clothes seem vibrant, unlimited years of youth seemed to return to the side in green and red intertwined playground, feel the reading times, vitality and radiance.
02 fresh summer morning, about one or two close friends to go hiking, soft sunlight gently sprinkled on my face from the leaves of the gap between the green shoulders of the simply decorated in a herve leger sale white sweatshirt, and in this mountains in extraordinarily comfortable and clear, so pure and nimble elf feel of the flowers of nature.
03 She is a shuttle in the night elf, like in the dark most of the time, because at that time she has the most gorgeous and dazzling light, her attitude of the stars present in the universe, the day she was far from hiding behind the clouds, the night she enjoy the release of self, one black, one white, beautiful and eternal will be engraved in mind.
04 pink of a sports dress, cute girls handsome warm sweat in the sports arena sway, casual hooded design in line with the characteristics of movement, received the feet of the pants side movement of the legs showing herve leger outlet sexy attitude, I is open in a delicate flowers in the summer on the field, flowers nestled in a mischievous smart wizard.
05 elegant pale blue gray with a point after the rain, but it was set off more clean and simple and elegant. The small black vest to reveal a sexy edge, loose bat shirt modeling the movement of people look handsome type yet gentle, sweet lady of the wind, like a beating in the earth pure elf, so that the process of movement become full of ease and joy.
06 navy blue, although some pick the color, but will result in a win-win situation, so that the pale skin look more shiny, tanned person looks more healthy and lively, with a full summer color. Boys the majority herve leger dresses on sale of the sports arena, wearing a beautiful blue, I believe you will be lovely in the limelight, summer peach still able to open very bright.
07 simple and low-key gray, people feel whom depression, however, a touch of bright yellow, let the visual sense of showing a completely different attitude. Peach heart has a unique design, cute, hooded the details to add dash of recreational sports, no matter what color skin can wear clothing with elegant and sweet, youthful style.
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