Kids Supra Shoes Lakers away 115 to 89 victory over the Mave

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Kids Supra Shoes Lakers away 115 to 89 victory over the Mave

Postby cocokors1211 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:57 pm

Kids Supra Shoes Lakers away 115 to 89 victory over the Mavericks made ​​their first away win of the season. At the start of the game, Kobe Bryant has not been how shot score, until the Lakers scored 36 points, Kobe Bryant before the first shot. However, Bryant first shot in the game, it was questioned by the Mavericks explanations on the spot, because Kobe use the Dirk Nowitzki's signature move - to stand on one leg fadeaway jumper. Bryant's first shot is 10 minutes and 59 seconds left in the second quarter, when the Lakers 36 to 23 leading the Mavericks with 13 points. The Lakers offensive, OJ Mayo's defensive Bryant the ball near the free-throw line to face, the back of his body skills inward forward. Then Bryant uses foot stand fadeaway jumper, single support, ball throw.<br>
adidas high tops After losing to the Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks record into 7 wins, 7 losses, they have not been able to and so on back headed star Dirk Nowitzki, and in the next three weeks or so, Texas will continue to miss. But Bryant was staged at the home of the Mavericks Dirk signature move, indeed some anger Mavericks fans. But from another point of view, said Bryant's actions also make the scene look forward Dirk fans over the addiction.<br>
Justin Bieber supras Not only Kobe Bryant in the study Jinji independent fadeaway jumper Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Chinese player Yi Jianlian, including the flexibility to send the big man, also began to emulate this action. More impressive, Durant in the game with the Chicago Bulls, hit the winning shot with such an action, so he Luol Deng helpless defensive. Today Texas back injury, his rallies have been began to challenge not know if it will be more eager to come back to Germany chariot?
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