Karen Milen's most popular brand in this summer from the des

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Karen Milen's most popular brand in this summer from the des

Postby kyla111 » Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:08 am

Karen Milen's most popular brand in this summer from the designer brand programs except in style for Earth 's charm, star, celebrity, singer, fashion magazine editors also packed with. discount karen millen If you haven't heard, because the name label style or fashion magazine in its study circle you should climb under a rock buzz, who knows anything lips around the world almost any one of the season's style.
Through the spring and summer 2011 season has been a hot topic is sure to be Iceland and probably the most fashion, the most luxurious clothes girl had witnessed around the ramps and runway style Capital Global across the new hot designer brands.
No matter now brand owned by the Iceland company of the truth, in last few years ago began to someone who is really from the uk. cheap karen milllen The company began nearly 30 years, but a lot of people think, the company is a real hot new company. The company's two founders, Karen Millen and Kevin Stanford referred to borrow 1100 pounds Wang Houzhi began 1981, dressed in a white shirt women, or so the legend gets its name from 1 to.
Apparently, they used in the production of capital amount more than 1000m white cotton shirt production and sales of any profits. Program worked for about a year, they opened their first retail retailer, in Kent. This is the 3 in 1983, as the shop to do it right. They have expanded into more of the city, including the Brighton, Guildford and in the city of London itself at some point.
The company is the two huge tiny, based on which, you think of it. karen millen Creative director Gemma Metherhingam 12 designer in charge of a small group, location of common label award-winning loved, roasted each year through the collection of industry.
Karen Milen brand in the UK and Ireland within the store has a superb trading. The brand has more than 84 independent retailers also at 16 Cullen Mirren shops in 23 countries at the exact position, you will be able to quickly browse and get the complete collection.
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