Indic languages (Gujarati) on Android improper rendering

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Indic languages (Gujarati) on Android improper rendering

Postby aunriz » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:25 pm

I have a website specifically for viewing on Android devices, I am using Gujarati languages and i have a big problem rendering the Gujarati Fonts properly, I atleast want a workaround to get the Gujarati fonts Working properly which is by default not supported on any Android versions. And so i did,

The Work around:
- Rooting the phone
- Finding the correct unicode font for Gujarati language
- Replace the existing DroidSansFallback.ttf in System/fonts with the Gujarati Font (with some extra changes in fontsfallback.xml in system/etc folder for ICS)

This Helped me to atlest view Gujarati texts, but not correct rendering.

Two Problems:

1) Problem of Half forms, the half form letters are not rendering properly as they are suppose to combine but they dont,

If you refer to this faq on [url=""],[/url] it clearly defines how it should render,I have also used the mentioned "Zero Width Joiner" by using html codes for every letter using unicodeLookup but it has no effect.

For example: Image + Image + Image should be Image But it is rendered as Image

Anyways This problem is not primary as it is improper but still not incorrect.

2) This rendering problem makes the texts print incorrectly, See the two images below, First one is correctly render as visible on PC and second on is a screenshot from Android native browser


the problem marked as 1 are fist problem and the one marked as 2 are second probl you goto [url=""]Devanagari - Unicode Consortium[/url] you will get a pdf refering to this problem (just goto "Figure 9-8. Rendering Order in Devanagari") which clearly explains the method to render the scripts correctly. It seems what ever android uses to render the scripts is not supported for such languages, if there is any change that can be made to Android OS to render the fonts in correct order, please help.

This is definitely not a problem with fonts as i have tried using Shruti fonts which is used by windows OS, it is a problem with rendering these complex scripts

Possible Solutions: (unwanted)

1) Using opera mini with bitmap fonts (not my solution)

2) Use Images instead of texts (again not my solution as my site will have 300 lines of lists and that too for mobile, do not want to increase page size)

Please give me a proper solution to this problem, thanks in advance !!
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