Import Canon XF300 files to Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premie

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Import Canon XF300 files to Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premie

Postby eastdavid1 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:51 am

"My problem is that I copied 2,000 Canon XF 300 files to hard drives from the flash cards. I did not go through the XF Utility. What software will see these files? Or what conversion should I do to then be able to see these files? I am using a PC with Windows 7 64 Bit. I have Camtasia Studio for Editing and Adobe Premiere. I can buy something else, if needed. What software is best? I am filming a documentary, and I am on Day 61 of 166 days. I SO APPRECIATE your help.”

MXF format is not a common video format, so Adobe premiere and Camtasia Studio can’t recognize your XF300 MXF files. On windows platform, the best video format is WMV, so it’s best to convert XF300 MXF video to WMV for Camtasia Studio and adobe premiere. Here you can try Pavtube MXF converter, which is a professional MXF converter that can convert MXF to Camtasia Studio and premiere. The output formats are shown below.
"I have a Canon XF300 HD camera that outputs MXF files. I have CS4 Premiere Pro (on a PC) that does not import those MXF files. I currently want to turn my MXF to MPEG to then import into CS4 PPro. Does/will any Converter recognize & transfer my MXF into a format that I can then import into my CS4 Pro to edit?”
It is easy to deal with canon XF300 MXF files with Pavtube MXF converter, it can help youtranscode XF300 MXF files to CS4 Premiere Pro with MPEG or WMV format, you can convert Canon video to MPEG or convert XF300 MXF to WMV as you want. Here I recommend you to choose WMV as the best format for editing in Adobe Premiere, it is better for editing.
By the end, you are recommended to read more guides on Pavtube MXF column, there are more solutions. You can also read this MXF to H.264 for Premiere Pro conversion guide, hope it can solve your problems.

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