I Gaming with MP-4 irons with Great Joy

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I Gaming with MP-4 irons with Great Joy

Postby Angelbabysister » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:06 am

I gaming mp-69 irons for the last two years. Today i replaced my mp-69's with the MP-4. It was released by Mizuno on September 2013, the latest blade from Mizuno. I always like clean looking blades and the mp-4's takes that. When i first met these irons the shinning club head attracts me. golf clubs for sale When i take these irons to the course, my friends all interested in my new set. They all ask me to try it and can not wait to see the performance. I hit this in the green and found it even better than i had thought.

First, i want to introduce some features of the mp-4's. The MP irons are aimed at better players, while the JPX irons offer much more on the game-improvement front. They are Pure Muscle irons meant for the better player who wants the ultimate in workability and aesthetic simplicity. TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons Have you heard of Mizuno's VMT? It makes this set unique from others. It stands for Variable Muscle Thickness. The Pure Muscle Back design, or weight behind the face, is more prominent in the higher lofted, scoring clubs and reduces down to the longer, less lofted irons. It also get similar technology from previous MP Irons which control the vibrations at impact. It is the Grain Flow Forging and Harmonic Impact Technology.

Second, we can not miss the workability and feel. The short irons have the largest bulge which positions the most mass directly behind the point of impact for a smaller, cleaner looking head size. Mizuno MP 69 irons best price While longer irons offer the most consistent distance and keep a majority of the mass low for higher trajectory. When you hit with them you will feel like it is an old friend of you. It knows what you need and what you want to get from it. Something to be said of the harmonic engineering that Mizuno is doing.

Third, MP-4 is the best teacher you can have to become a truly great shotmaker. Because these mp-4 was set a thin top-line. In order to manipulate their ball flight it was after compact size and reduced offset. ping i20 irons We all know that mp-68 or mp-69 maintain a strong "shotmaker's profile", the mp-4 get this done as well. The MP-4 is the purest of forged muscle backs for shot-makers seeking the ultimate control over their ball flight.

In short, MP-4 is a longer, softer iron. It was designed with mizuno's patented grain flow forging process and bulging muscle technology. Maybe you love it. Maybe you hate it. To my point of view, i love these irons. They worked very well on my hands and enjoy playing with them.
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