I Can Easily Get To 150 Yards With Mizuno JPX800 Irons

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I Can Easily Get To 150 Yards With Mizuno JPX800 Irons

Postby tommack » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:40 am

About five years ago, I bagged the MX-900 iron set for 1-1/2 years and love that set. The JPX-800 irons are just as easy to hit as the MX-900.

This is not a forged Mizuno set. If you are looking for that sweet forged feel, it's not here. The JPX-800s feel different. To address the "liveliness" issues in the short irons, get the 8 iron, 9 iron and PW in the mizuno jpx 800 irons.

It doesn't feel like a run of the mill GI iron set either. The mizuno jpx 800 pro irons have a "pseudo-forged" feel on well struck shots. But get Mizuno to make the JPX-800 Pros in the specs of the JPX-800s to make sure that there is no gapping within the set.

This is Mizuno's iron for the masses. The masses love distance and the mizuno jpx 800 irons for sale will deliver on that end. But the iron is still versatile for a mid-handicapper to use. Thanks to GolfWRX and Mizuno for allowing me to test and review the the JPX-800 irons.

Personally, I believe that the mizuno jpx 800 irons best price are the perfect set of irons to use for scramble format tournaments where the premium is place on distance. Well I got out to play three 18-hole rounds and some range sessions in between the rains for the JPX-800s.

Personally, it's a shame I cannot get a 3 iron for the JPX-800s. With the forgiveness built-in to the JPX-800, I think that the 3 iron would have been one awesome driving iron. I will say that the best golf clubs JPX-800 iron is versatile and easy to hit. The JPX-800 are cast, not forged.

I can easily get to 150 yards with an 8 iron. So the JPX-800s are easily one club longer than the MX-900s.
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