how to transfer mkv to mov for mac users

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how to transfer mkv to mov for mac users

Postby markwonng » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:45 pm

"Converting MKV to MOV on Mac?i need to convert a .mkv video to .mov or mp4 or any final cut express supporting video file. i have tried ffmpegX. it's not working.which converter to use for converting mkv to mov?. please help, it's urgent"

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"I have found some programs that can convert from MKV to mov for mac os, but all of them charge money for it and have a useless trial (limited converting time or watermark) making them unusable for what i plan to do

Is there is free program anywhere out there that can convert .MKV to .mov(in 720p) and MOV (also, in 720p) for free, without a limited about of time or watermark (maybe some features blocked that I wouldn't need anyway), the video I downloaded is high quality, but the MKV file format isn't very compatible with too many programs, definitely the programs I use on a daily basis"

Add MKV/HD Videos to the Program

Either click "File > Load Media Files" to add MKV files or drag-and-drop it to the program.

Choose "QuickTime MOV" from the Format List

Simply choose MOV format from the Video category of format tray. It provides an array of device profiles, you just need to choose your device and then the program will set the best parameters for your device.

Start Converting MKV to MOV on Mac OS X.

Click "Convert" and the program will start converting MKV to MOV. This program is tested to work perfectly on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

The Matroska video format has become popular in the anime fan-subbing community (where users create subtitles) since it supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks in the same file.

DivX Player supports MKV files on both Mac and Windows systems. MKV files can also be played on Palm, Symbian, and Pocket PC mobile devices using the CorePlayer Mobile software.

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