how to run j2me midp runner for android

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how to run j2me midp runner for android

Postby banuchandar_wins » Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:43 pm

i am banu trying to use Android J2ME MIDP RUNNER(Beta V1.2)
to convert .jad to .apk, i am following the steps given by Dana Li
in this link ... #post64575
i followed the steps given in this link,till the 9th steps i am getting the response as like as what she
given in that tutorial.
In the 10th step it is given to click on j2me midp runner when i clicked that,i am not getting proper response like"THERE IS NO J2ME MIDLETS INSTALLED,PLEASE EXPLORE J2ME APPLICATIONS" IN A MESSAGEBOX
after that when i clicked in that ok button
it is showing that j2me midp runner for fraction of second and immediately opening j2me midp explorer
after that i couldn't able to proceed further,so can u please solve
my problem i am using
1. android-sdk-windows-1.0_r2
2. Eclipse IDE
3. WindowsXP

i am trying to learn how to run j2me application on android, even if u have any other solution its
also appreciatable and more helpful for me, KINDLY WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY


with regards,
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