how to modify a listView

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how to modify a listView

Postby sgom » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:36 pm

Hi everybody!

I need help: how can I modify the views listed by a listView?

I create a list of views from a Cursor with SimpleCursorAdapter. Every view in this list have a TextView: when the list is created the text of the TextView is linked with text provided by the Cursor. Now I want , for every view, to take this text, give it as input for a method i wrote (a method that returns a string) and place the result in the place of the original text.

In older version of the sdk I haven't this problem because it was possible to modify the data pointed by a Cursor, so I first modified the data pointed by the Cursor and then I gave it to the SimpleCursorAdapter, but now with the new version you can't modify the data pointed by the Cursor.

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