How to make flash videos smaller

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How to make flash videos smaller

Postby jxqlovedzq » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:20 pm

You have many interesting videos, and you want share them for your friends, but you find that your videos are so big that cannot be uploaded on YouTube or Facebook. Or you find your videos are swf formats, which can be played only with installation of adobe flash player. Or you just want cut the size of your videos in order to save your computer’s capacity. You search the internet for details; try to find some ways to solve the problems like these. Maybe you can consider taking of some software to do this jobs. The swf video converter Mac is the best choice. It can cut your videos’ size; it can convert your videos to other formats. I will introduce you simple steps. This step is about how to convert swf to other videos formats. Following is to convert swf to flv.Please read it!
Step 1: add SWF video to SWF Video Converter
Click “Select File” button to import SWF video to SWF Video Converter from your computer. Or click “Grasp SWF” button, then input a website address and click “Grab” button to download a SWF video to SWF Video Converter. The SWF video can be viewed on the left.
Step 2: customize SWF video.
Click “Crop” button to adjust size of video. Left, Top, Width and Height can be changed if you want delete some unwanted images. If needed, watermark also can be added. Click “OK” button to finish this step.
Step 3: choose flv output formats.
Click “NEXT” button, choose flv output formats. If output format setting needed, click before “Customize” to do Video settings and Audio settings. Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit rate, Sample Rate and Channel can be adjusted.
Step 4: converting SWF video
Click “NEXT” and “Start” button to begin video converting. You can click “Stop” any time to finish converting.
In step 2, you can cut size of videos. This is easy to do. So you can share videos on YouTube and Facebook! If you want convert swf to other video formats, it’s also ok. It can convert swf to iphone; it can convert swf to 3gp. It is also convert swf to adobe premiere. It is also the swf to mp3 converter.
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