how to lock a file on windows 7/8/xp

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how to lock a file on windows 7/8/xp

Postby csdjohnson2 » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:24 am

"How to encrypt folder on Windows 7?
I already know to go to properties, advanced, and check encrypt. I know that part. But it won't let me check encrypt. I see the option, it's just not letting me check it. What do I need to do to fix that?"

"Why can't I encrypt folder?
Whenever I go to general ] advanced, I see the box you need to check, but it's faded and unable to click on. Why is this?

I've tried putting a file into it and moving the folder around my computer - no luck. Please help."

To protect you sensitive data and valuable documents you can use Kakasoft folder encryption to help you encrypt folders and files, so that you are free from the on purposed overbearing guys and cyber criminals.
The adopting of cryptography seems to be the most useful and reliable method when encrypt a folder in PC with Windows 7/ Windows 8/XP. Here are the explicit steps about how to encrypt folder withAdvanced Folder Encryption.

Step 1 Install the application and launch it
Double click the Setup program and follow the wizard to install the application to your computer.

Step 2 Add folders to the encryption list.
There are 3 ways to add a folder to the encryption list, they are:
Using drag-and-drop feature. To begin to lock a folder, open the disk then click on the folder, and drag the folder then drop it to the blank area of the main window.

Step 3 Finish folder encryption.
Enter your password.
In the popped up window of "Encryption", enter your password and then confirm it in the box.

Choose a security strength to secure data security andfolder lock.
Here to prevent your folder from being peeped and breached you have three security levels to choose from.

Kindly Tips:

If you worry about losing your confidential data stored in a local disk, you can use Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption to safeguard a specific lock disk.
Improper handling of unwanted files in your PC may also cause data leaking, so that just empty your recycle bin is not secure enough. Here Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption can save you out of this problem, with a powerful file shredding feature it can delete and shred files permanently. ... 30542.html ... 3708#83708
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