How to Install a Mercedes Navigation Updates

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How to Install a Mercedes Navigation Updates

Postby ersxaer » Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:06 am

Don't know how to install a Mercedes navigation updates? Never mind, read on this instruction to achieve the updates using the new Mercedes Navigation DVD:

1. Find the disc drivefor your Mercedes na vunit. In most cases this will be embedded in the dash yet on some older devices it could be located inside the glovebox or under the driver car seat.

2. In case that the previous Mercedes-Benz DVD still remains in the disc slot, then remove it after which you can stick in your brand-new Mercedes Navteq disc update.

3. Your Mercedes-Benz GPS system display wil lnow present a message showing "do you wish to upgrade routes and maps" and so as expected, you simply push the "yes" icon.

4. Users will now have to enter in their personal DVD's serial and alphanumeric code to the touch screen - this registration code can be obtained by looking on the DVD insert which was included with the disc.

5. Usually the new maps and directions will start loading instantly so I highly recommend you remember to not switch the GPSoff while doing this whole process because it can cause the technology to become damaged.

The whole procedure might take a half-hour and when complete means you are able to use the car again having the trust of knowing the GPS device has got the most up to date directions and maps on it that are offered nationwide and over many other regions.

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