How to dress like a french woman?

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How to dress like a french woman?

Postby ersxaer » Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:42 pm

While I was in Paris, I became enthralled by the way Parisian women dress. (Men, you might want to skip this post for the next one, unless you're interested in doing a bit of research for your wives, girlfriends, or girl friends. In that case, by all means, please stick around.)

Parisians have a reputation, of course, of being incredibly well-attired; however, even though I've been to Paris before, I always assumed it was simply because the women who live there have access to clothing created by some of the world's finest fashion designers. ​ This trip, however, I actually paid attention, and I figured it out: it's not the haute couture.​ In fact, I saw very little high-end fashion that wasn't on a mannequin in a boutique or museum.

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