How to draw TranslucentGLSurfaceViewActivity over view?

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How to draw TranslucentGLSurfaceViewActivity over view?

Postby betwixt » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:52 pm

Hi, I'm new to Android.

I've been checking out some examples. I wan't to draw the TranslucentGLSurfaceViewActivity example over my custom Activity like when I start the TranslucentGLSurfaceViewActivity then it is draw over the list of apps and the list of apps is seen behind the 2 rotating cubes.

I have tried making a new intent when a key is pressed and then to start the TranslucentGLSurfaceViewActivity with startActivtity from another Activity, but the program just crashes.

How can I draw OpenGL stuff so that I can but anything else like wallpaper on the background?
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